Jacques van der Merwe works in a variety of mediums.  

The preferred artform of Jacques is sculpting.  Van der Merwe specialises in the relationship between man/animals & physical conditioning.

Portrait of Time:    

I was approached by Logan art Gallery to participate in the Vision 2020 group show. On the invitation I was handed a 20x20cm Montmartre stretched canvas. On receiving this canvas, I immediately dismantled the canvas into various parts, ending up with the wooden stretched frame, canvas and staplers as different mediums.

Upon this discovery I decided to laminate the wooden stretch frame together with wood glue and then I carved a self-portrait out of the wooden frame. On the left shoulder I placed a dingo skull, which I carved out of laminated canvas.  I bandaged the sculpture’s head with leftover canvas. Some of the staplers were later inserted back into the timber. The sound of the metronome becomes clearer the closer you come to the sculpture. The sound of the metronome comes from a mobile phone that is connected to a speaker that is inside the sculpture. The sculpture hangs from the mobile phone cable, either from the ceiling or a platform that is mounted high on the wall. I will provide an installation manual with the sculpture. The piece is essentially about time, transformation, healing and adaption.